Skills, 2011
Performance + video | Wilde Gallery, Berlin, July 15th, 2011
Music: Pink Floyd, "See Emily Play" | Camera: Marcella Dusi
Materials: soccer ball salvaged from bus stop, gold spray paint, high heels, favorite white cube

LauderAle Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2018
Roaring Fork Open, Aspen Art Museum, 2013
Unfinished Business, SRS Berlin, 2011
"Curator's Choice," Tape Modern, Berlin, 2011

Aspen Times Weekly 
by Stewart Oksenhorn
Aspen Times arts editor Stewart Oksenhorn asked people connected with the local arts community to select one piece from the exhibition and discuss it. Here are their choices and what they had to say about what they saw.

"Unfinished Business: Skills," video, by Emilie Trice
Selected by Michael Miracle, editor in chief, Aspen Sojourner magazine

"I find it mesmerizing, really engaging. I first saw it during the exhibition opening, and in the crush and din of people, as soon as I put the headphones on, I was locked into the experience of the piece.

One of the main reasons being it is at once fluid and disjointed. It has this visual syncopation to it. It actually looks like she has some real soccer skills — she was probably a soccer player — but there's the manipulation of the video, played backward in places, forward in others. It's done so well that the manipulation is at once obvious and subtle. The ball seems to take on a life of its own and that happens unexpectedly, even though you're aware it's been manipulated.

I like the fairly forced incongruity of it — juggling a soccer ball, but in maybe typical gallery attire — high heels, dress. She looks like she's doing something she's good at in a place she probably shouldn't be doing it. And the music has a playful quality, which makes it less cerebral, more enjoyable."